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If you've a question, please contact us and we'll add it to the list.

Can anyone walk the trails shown in the DVDs?

Everyone must make their own decisions as to their ability to travel the backcountry. The trails in these tapes are not safe for everyone, and trail conditions can change rapidly. Never hesitate to turn back, or to simply enjoy the beauty that can be found at or near trail heads.

How much does your pack weigh?

My pack usually weighs about 55 pounds when I begin walking. I carry enough food, tape, and batteries for about 9 days. I always carry more than I think I will need.

How much of that is video gear?

About 15-20 pounds. Those batteries are heavy.

Do you really need all the stuff in "Safety"?

Hopefully not. However I would rather have people think evil thoughts about carrying all the gear I suggest and not using it; than have them wonder why they did not bring it when they get lost, or it gets dark, or they are injured and have to spend an unplanned night in the wilderness.

Why Mount Baker and Whatcom County?

Whatcom County's backcountry is some of the most fabulous wilderness I've traveled. Every trail is magic: snow-capped volcanoes, quiet meadows, pristine lakes, a roaring river, and lots of wildlife.

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