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Bean filming

Karen Edmundson Bean is an award-winning director/cinematographer and one of the few women to hold Director of Photography status in the International Cinematographers’ Guild. Her work spans adventure and natural history productions as well as action features. She has filmed in three continents, and has covered a range of wildlife from Grizzly Bears to Salamanders. She has won numerous awards for her natural history and wilderness walking productions. She began camping in the backcountry as a child and has now backpacked through five continents.

Balsillie with a "small" resupply pack

To View Clips of Bean's work, click on her picture.

Ian Balsillie is Karen's husband. His journeys by foot and bicycle have taken him through Europe and North America. Currenty, his work does not allow him time to travel on extended journeys, however he can be found ferrying essential supplies to Karen. Happily, for Karen, his idea of essentials goes beyond tape, batteries, and dehydrated meals to include bread, cheese, and a nice bottle of wine. His work is the creation of handcrafted folding furniture, and the care of the livestock when Karen is walking the backcountry.

To view Ian's furniture, click on his picture.

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