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Blog Topics Covered On Brookfield Farm Blog at wordpress.com:

Barn Cats / Hive Cats : Indispensable 1/14/2015

Honeybee Foraging: Where, Why, How Far

How Honeybees Smell 11/5/14

How Much Honey Per Hive? 10/17/14

Extracting Honey 9/25/2014

Harvesting Honey, Treating HIves 9/13/2014

Cutting Grass In Bee Yards 6/18/2014

New Queens in New Hives 6/11/2014

Making & Moving Overnight Splits 5/25/14

Preparing Boxes for Supers & Splits 5/12/2014

Why We Are Leaving Bellingham Farmers Market June 30 4/28/14

Spring Hive Check List 3/29/2014

Two Hives In One 3/17/2014

Snow At The Hives 2/26/14

Dressing For Winter Markets 2/19/2014

Making Bee Candy (aka Fondant) 1/30/2014

Boxes And Frames : A Winter's Tale 1/14/2014

Topics From 2013

Predatory Mites for Varroa test 12/26/2013

Do My Natural Treatments Work? 12/19/2013

How Honeybees Fly 12//2/2013

Winter Preparation : Final Steps 11/12/2013

Making Mouse Guards : Late Oct. 11/3/2013

Preparing Hives For Winter: First Steps 10/8/2013

Extracting Honey at Brookfield Farm 10/2/2013

Pulling Honey in Brookfield Farm Yards 9/23/2013

A Busy August At Brookfield Farm 8/21/2013

Participating in a Bee Health Survey 7/29/2013

Phages That Attack AFB - Field Test 7/11/2013

Preparing Bee Yards 6/24/2013

A Huge June Swarm 6/11/2013

Making Bottom Screens For Beehives 5/29/2013

Paria River Hike & A Bee Story 5/21/2013

Hive Foundation Experiment 5/12/2013

Preparing Supers for Bee Hives 4/29.2013

Feeding Bees In The Spring 4/11/2013

Spring Hive Manipulation 4/4/2013

American Foulbrood Research 3/20/2013

Storing Drawn Foundation 3/11/2013

Checking Hives In February 2/28/2013

Beehive Foundations : 2/16/2013

The Eyes Have It : Honeybee Eyes 1/30/2013

Why Jaws of Worker & Queen Bees Differ 1/17/2013

Recipes using Infused Raw Honey 1/12/2013

Topics from 2012

Year-End Inventory : A "Joy" of Beekeeping 12/27/2012

View to a Different Style of Beekeeping 12/10/2012

Naturally Treated Hives Pt.2 (overview: bees, queens, methods & tools) 12/4/2012

"Naturally Treated Hives" what it means at Brookfield Farm Part 1, 11/24/13

Building Our First Electric Bear Fence 11/14/2012

Over Wintering Nucleus Hives: Winter Preparation : Part 3 of 3 11/6/2012

Insulation,Rain Hats, Wrapping : Winter Preparation, Part 2 10/29/12

Honey Stores, Feed, & Mites: Winter Preparation, Pt.1 10/25/2012

Honey Harvest Surprises 10/12/2012

Local Queens From Northwest Queens 8/10/2012

What Colors Do Bees See 7/21/2012

Why I do what I do: "Why" the foundation of all marketing : 6/22/2012

Wiring Beehive Frames : 6/10/2012

Installing Russian Queens : 6/1/2012

Small Cell Foundation Experiment : 5/14/2012

Walk-Away Splits : 5/4/2012

Scheduling By The Flowers : 4/15/2012

A Visit With Beekeeper Ian Campbell, Newcastle, England 4/3/2012

Bee Houses : From Eastern Europe to Washington state 2/23/12

To Feed Or Not To Feed and When To Feed?

Taxing Sugar - including honey - to keep us safe? 2/11/2012

Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegar : drinking vinegars 2/4/2012

Beekeeper Gloves : 1/28/2012

Fondant : Winter Honeybee Candy 1/19/2012

USDA Organic Honey - What Does It Mean? 1/3/2012

Topics from 2011

Prehistoric Bee Fossils 12/15/11

Overwintering Nucs Atop Strong Hives 11/23/11

Rendering Beeswax 11/17/11

Escape From Beekeeping: A short Summer Travelogue 11/09/11

Our Tilting Extractor Stand : Getting The Last Bit Of Honey Out 11/3/11

Pulling Honey, Balancing Hives, & Honey Extraction in 2011 10/30/11

Why There Is So Little Honey in 2011 Of Rain, Bees, & Honey 10/20/11

Meet Beekeeper Stan Kolesnikov : K Brothers Pollination & Honey 10/13/11

Overview of Brookfield's Fall Beekeeping & Travels 10/6/11

An Idea For Practicing Grafting Honeybee Larvae 7/27/11

Grafting larvae to make Queen Cells 7/19/11

Queen Cells & Workers Unite! Building Mating Nucs 7/10/11

Queen Rearing Part 1 : Shaking Bees 6/30/11

3 New Bee Yards For Our Bees 6/9/11

How To Use Honey To Replace Other Sweeteners 6/2/11

Painless Bee Hive Frame Making 5/26/11

USDA Bee Health Survey & Tropilaelaps Mites 5/12/11

Overnight Beehive Splits - Weather Challenges 5/2/11

American Foulbrood : Deceptive and Deadly 4/14/11

Honeys With Flower Names What Do They Mean? 3/31/11

Spring Hive Assessment At Brookfield Farm 3/24/11

Bring Out Your Dead : Winter Bee Hive Declines 3/19/11

Of Barcodes & Bees : How To Get Barcodes 3/12/11

Of Budgets, Business Plans, & Bees 3/3/11

Building Bee Boxes & When Orders Go Wrong 2/16/11

Loading Hives For Almond Pollination 2/8/11

Livestock Guard Dogs and Honeybees 2/1/11

Bee Hive Set Up At Brookfield Farm 1/25/11

Going Native With Bees 1/18/11

Some Necessities For Farmers Market Vendors 1/15/11

Do Honeybees Sleep? 1/4/11

Topics from 2010

Success With Beehive Smokers 12/28/10

Preparing Bees For CA Almond Pollination 12/23/10

Why Does Honey Crystalize? 12/14/10

Checking Hives In The Winter 12/9/10

Beekeeping Books 11/30/10

What happens to bees in the winter? 11/23/10

Winter Insulation For Bee Hives 11/12/10

Feeding Honey Bees In The Fall 10/31/10

Bee Hive Mouse Guards 10/24/10

Essential Oils For Bees At Brookfield Farm 10/12/10

Preparing Honeybees For Winter 10/7/10

Pulling Honey, Honey Extraction, Winter Hive Prep, & Hiking! 9/26/10

Making Bee Boxes & Frames On A Deadline 8/5/10

Visit to Beekeeper Lynn Hiatt's Honey House 7/29/10

Supering a 1000 Hive Operation 7/22/10

Bee Yard Companions - Natural Visitors 7/1/10

Brookfield Farm Bees At Sumas River Farm 6/22/10

Stopping Bees From Swarming 6/3/10

Making Splits With Swarm Cells 5/28/10

Oyster Mushrooms Emerge 5/18/10

Water For Bees & Queen Breeding 4/28/10

Preparing for Nucs at a 700 Hive Operation 4/20/10

April Splits & Nucs (New Hives from Old) 4/14/10

Eggs & Larvae For A Queen 4/7/10

Web Links For Beekeepers 4/1/10

Spring Comes Early 3/24/10

Powdered Sugar For Mite Reduction 3/16/10

Sallie Channels Lassie: Dogs of Brookfield Farm 3/10/20

First Flight : The first blog post 2/17/10

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