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Articles about the Walking Wild DVD series
and Karen Edmundson Bean

Bellingham Herald Article Image
for complete article, click on image

"Highlights [of "Walking Wild"] include: A shot which starts on two ice climbers on Coleman Glacier and moves back to take in the whole vista, pictures of rough housing marmots, and bloodsucking flies."

InCamera Magazine Article Image
for complete article, click on image

"Bean, who has a background in biology, journalism and film, was a natural for the series."

Goat Rocks Review Headline
"[Bean] seems to get it right, scene to scene, stopping to interview the variety of passers-by she meets..."
for complete article, click on image

"Bean captured the never before filmed birth of a Desert Pronghorn..."

Whatcom Independant Article Headline
for complete article, click on image
"...it's about getting in tune with nature's rhythms, and the ability to stop racing around like a blue-assed fly."
Bellingham Herald Photography Article
for complete article, click on image

"...animals are not likely to conform to your schedule, so you'd best have a way to pass the time. Bean recites ... T.S. Eliot's "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and all the poems from "Alice in Wonderland."

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