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Unheated, Unfiltered Honey from the foothills of Mount Baker &      From Other Independent Washington Beekeepers (scroll down for these)

Brookfield Farm Bees and Honey logo

Brookfield Farm Raw Honey

Farm & Field Raw Honey : Very Berry

Mountain Wildflower Raw Honey 

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Brookfield Farm Raw Honey from Naturally Treated Hives

Unheated, Unfiltered Raw Honey
From naturally treated, antibiotic-free hives

Certified Predator Friendly By Keystone Conservation

Honeybee with Pollen

More Raw Washington Honey

Stillaguamish River Wildflower - Northwest Washington - Northwest Queens

Fireweed & Wildflower Raw Honey, Northwest Washington - EnviroBees

Blue Mountains Wildflower - Southeast Washington - K Brothers

Alfalfa-Wildflower - Southern Washington - K Brothers

Buckwheat - Eastern Washington - K Brothers


Raw Honey Will Crystalize this is natural

Crystalized Honey

Read About Crystalized Honey


FREE Home Delivery to Bellingham, Everson & Mt. Baker Hwy To Glacier

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